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University of Toledo

The University of Toledo is known for its beautiful campuses and modern facilities. The main campus has over 1,400 acres of greenery and is located along the Ottawa River in Toledo, Ohio.  New facilities for sports have recently been built, including the Memorial Field House, football stadium, and basketball and athletic complex. There are nine modern residence halls for students. The other campuses are also remarkable, such as the Health Science Campus where graduate students find new treatments for stroke and cancer patients that is not found anywhere else in the state. The Medical Center features an Orthopaedics Center that is known worldwide.

University ToledoThe university is a public research facility that was founded in 1872 as the Toledo University of Arts and Trades. Since then, it has grown and expanded to provide study and research opportunities for over 23,000 students who are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. Medical Center, the university has other satellites as well. These are The Center for the Visual Arts and The Lake Erie Center can be found at the Maumee Bay State Park.

The University of Toledo is categorized as a research university and has a strong focus on research by students at all levels and by faculty as well. Those interested in research are encouraged to enroll in one of the university’s programs. Students may submit a proposal when they want to begin a research project. They then apply for grants to pay for the cost of the research. There is sometimes a stipend for the student who may work as an assistant instructor in one of the departments. Some of the past studies have been to determine if there is a link between human and animal violence or to develop new network capabilities in technology. Every department is involved in research, including education, business, social work, and health care.

There are over 230 majors offered at the university, and incoming freshmen must meet the admission requirements of the college to which they are applying. Each department has different requirements, such as minimum grade point averages and ACT or SAT scores. The Business Administration program requires a minimum grade point average of 2.8 and at least a score of 25 on the ACT, while the Bioengineering program expects applicants to have a grade point average of at least 3.8 and an ACT score of 29. There is hope for students with lower scores because the university offers a Gateway Program that provides academic support and developmental courses to help students bring their scores up to par. To qualify for this aid, applicants must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 and a minimum ACT score of 21.

The university has a diverse student body with organizations and support groups for students from all around the world. There are students of every race and ethnicity as well those who are disabled. Those of every religion or sexual orientation are encouraged to enroll at the university. There is also an emphasis of women and gender, and cultural heritage is celebrated. Adult learners are also encouraged to attend the University of Toledo with programs such as Adult Liberal Studies and programs for those who have served in the military. There is an emphasis on lifelong learning, so even older students and the elderly are encouraged to enroll in programs. There is an opportunity for interested candidates to have prior learning assessment related to their life experience that could be transferred into credits earned at the university.

The programs offered at the university are also diverse, ranging from business, engineering, education, social sciences, languages, literature, and many more. There are many choices for graduate students as well, including profession studies in law, medicine, pharmacy, and doctoral degrees in all departments. There are also honors programs for those who are able to complete accelerated degrees, and online courses for working adults who want to study at times that fit into their schedules. The University of Toledo has something to offer all of its students.